We are each a part of this sacred Earth, and can transform our consciousness through aligning with Gaia, the sacred Land from which we came and shall return.

In my latest course, you will learn how to bring this into your everyday life, through awareness, meditation, and a somatic healing practice, cleansing with the elements to have more peace, health, and alignment with Nature.


We’ll have a live video conference call every week on Saturday at 10am PST starting August 17th, hosted on Zoom. I will guide the class, and we will have a Q&A after. There will be supportive homework and materials included.

Week 1 – Gaia Consciousness
– Fundamentals to awareness of the sacred Land, within and without.
Week 2 – Alignment with Source
– Energetic Awareness and Inner Posture, how to sense your resonance and get aligned through Nature immersion and practices.
Week 3 – Elemental Purification
– Working with the elements to cleanse, letting go of what no longer serves and forgiving, gratitude and self-love
Week 4 – Ritual & Yoga
– Bridging energy medicine with meditation, yoga and breathwork
Week 5 – Divining the Elements
– Learn to divine the state of your inner elements, and then work with the land, your lifestyle and relationships to balance them
Week 6 – Embodying your Essential Self
– Through contemplation of your energy and essence in nature, uncover the truth of your being, a divine seed of life that wishes to blossom through you, your sacred Purpose.

Aligning with Gaia

An online course journey over 6 weeks into somatic healing with the sacred Land, balancing your inner alchemy and tuning into Source.

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The Wisdom Tree

Aligning with Gaia is part of a larger tree of teachings and spiritual techniques for embodying your Divinity as part of the larger web of life on your heroes journey of Awakening.

The Alchemy of Alignment

Returning to union with Nature involves balancing the elements within us. Understanding that our health and current reality is a reflection of our state of being. As Within, So Without.

We live in the manifest reflection of our state of alignment with Nature.

Because our very bodies are made of the prime elements; earth, air, water, fire and the space in which those exist; we can clarify those elements within ourself through yogic practices, nature immersion and intentional living.

This happens on our timeline, as we deepen our awareness of what manifests in our field and how it tracks back to our state of being, and the practice of clearing our patterns of limitation and aligning with our divine purpose.

Healing with Nature

By connecting with the pure elements of the Land, we commune with the clearer essence that makes up the fabric of our being.

This transforms our life for the better by aligning us with the divine blueprint of Nature, tuning us into the Source of Life itself.

We resonate at the frequency of wellness, of grace, of peace, as that is nature’s Nature, our Nature!

Many issues in our life are from a disconnection from nature, which creates dis-ease, a departure from our Essential Self. These patterns are inside us, and can be addressed through clearing them on an energetic and elemental level. This is part of the practices and tools you will learn in this course in Aligning with Gaia.

Cleansing with the Elements

The purest places in nature hold a sacred energy, that we can come to in reverence and devotion for healing. The elements here are at a clearer state than the imbalances inside us, so we can cleanse and purify through right relationship with them.

By immersing in these elements, we can open the doors of healing, releasing what no longer serves us.

Embodying your Essential Self

In prayer, meditation and ritual with the elements, we can empower ourselves to embody our Essential Self.

Through a deeper relationship with the Land, we expand, accessing a new level of intimate connection with the web of Life.

Benefits from this Shift:

  • Deeper connection to the Land
  • More Self-Love
  • Better Relationships
  • Recognition of divine purpose
  • Vitality and deepened sensuality

Expanding your Awareness

Energy is always flowing through the land, and we can access this through the conduit of our awareness. These natural energies in sacred lands carry the original harmonics of health and wholeness, which we can draw on in our practice.

Learn to connect with the trees and fauna, the wind and the sun, to sense the subtle energies that flow through all things, shifting your inner stance to align with Gaia. You drop your sensual awareness deeper into the elements, dissolving separation from the Land. You clear your mind and open your heart, as the flow of life courses through you, renewing and revitalizing you.

Learn Everyday Magic

The ceremony of life never stops. We are always connecting with the prime elements of the Land, as they make up the world and our very bodies. Our lives are made up of everyday rituals, patterns of how we interact with the world. Everyday, we drink water, move earth, tend fire, and breathe air. In Aligning with Gaia, we learn to shift our way of relating with these patterns, aligning with a sacred relationship with the elements.

We enter the realms of the sacred, of the everyday ritual of embodiment, where our natural magic may come out through blossom of our sacred purpose, the seed of light within us. In this course, you will learn how to integrate this into your everyday life, a medicine walk of living this truth, of carrying these tools and practices, to empower and awaken your Essential Self.


Aligning with Gaia has been an amazing discovery for me, It’s something I would do briefly throughout the day, maybe admire the clouds, watch the sunset for a while, feel the air and the nature smells. I loved these feelings of contentedness and magical earthscapes. The spirits of Nature are always there though! Once I started practicing Aligning with Gaia I’ve felt more aligned with my senses, I feel the benevolence of Gaia, I realize that I too am made of the same essence, and resonate. I have a much healthier relationship with the elements now, the conversation is no longer one sided, and that opens up for more communication so to speak.


Past mentee

About the Instructor

Yeshua Lucis

Yogi & Guide

I started intentionally immersing into Nature as a spiritual practice in 2014, although as a child I came with a powerful connection to the land. Through my connection, I began to see how everything is part of and connected to nature. This led me to looking at the deep problems in the world and our lives, and how we can fix this through a better relationship with the land.

I started doing my meditation and yoga in nature, and went and lived offgrid, working with the prime elements and studying and living out a variety of ceremonial, yogic practices, learning permaculture and nature based lifestyle. I experienced such profound transformation from deeper my connection to nature, that I wanted to share this with the world.

I eventually bridged this into divination, which I have studied for the past four years. I saw that the basis was the elements, beyond what form it took on the surface. That we were looking into the state of balance in our elements, and the level of purity in our inner landscape. I saw that by immersing in the purity of the sacred lands, I was clearing these qualities. Over time this led me to a more and more heavenly reality, deepening my connection with life.

Its my honor to share this with you here, that we may all deepen our relationship with Gaia and align with our soul’s purpose. It would be wonderful if you joined me on this adventure of learning and embodiment! Blessings, and thank you for exploring this offering.

Aligning with Gaia

An online course journey over 6 weeks into somatic healing with the sacred Land, balancing your inner alchemy and tuning into Source.

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