I am a Soul Embodying my Divine Essence. Here and Now, to ground to earth my wings above.

To offer song, story and magic, to remind the ways of the great Tree whose roots connect us all, of the Web of Life that hums with the Crystal Heart of Gaia. To awaken mysElf from slumber, and walk with wonder the realms of our Enlightenment, in a great renaissance of what it means to be a spiritual being having a HueMan experience.

To witness the wonder, to walk the path, only arriving to moments in synchronicity, always to realize the deeper essence beneath it all. To go deeper… into the rabbit hole of the great mystery. To embrace it all, magical unknown, into ever further discovery and clarity, into a deep dive excavation into what it means to have a Self… to have an experience, from forget to remember, does not Awakening imply a part of us was asleep?

To muse the myth, to sing the song and tell the tale, to weave the paths of the new paradigm on the edge of evolution, walking the rainbow road. To impart insights as they come, to listen to the hum beneath, to feel the pulse of Source, and to guide ourselves to Liberations of Christed Embodiment. Aka, awaken the angel within, and release all that no longer serves us, taking full responsibility for our strand in the Web of Life, for we are all connected.

Every piece of art I make, every story that I tell, ever song that I weave, every project I’m a part of, everything product that I offer, may it be woven of the finest threads of pure devotion and Love for the collective Awakening of our Divine Essence, to bring us back again and again to the magic of Love and the Truth that lay within us all, that we truly do live in the flowering life of a real magical world.